{slider Q: Why is the program named Canopy?|closed}

A:    The rainforest canopy embodies one of the most dynamic and vibrant communities on the planet. It is a place for exploration, interaction, and growth. Here at the Canopy Adult Day Program, we hope to foster these same values as we accompany individuals with autism through adulthood.

{slider Q: Who is eligible to attend?}

A:    We are currently able to serve adults on the autism spectrum between the ages of 22 – 28 and their families. If an individual is between the ages of 18 – 21 and seeking supported transition services that may be appropriate for our setting, we may be able to accommodate their needs on a case by case basis. 


{slider Q: What are the program days and hours?}

A:    Canopy is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 – 2:30. It is comprised of 4 nine week sessions per year and 1 six week summer session. Canopy is closed for national holidays. Members may sign up for a combination of days, as fits with their personalized schedule and family needs. 

{slider Q: Is transportation available?}

A:    Transportation is currently the responsibility of the participant and their family. Participants may be eligible to use the PACE dial-a-ride service www.pace.com. Families may also choose to participate in our Canopy Family Carpool which connects families to other participating members in the hopes of sharing the responsibility of daily transportation.

{slider Q: What does a typical day look like?}

A:    Upon registration, each member of Canopy is given the option to participate in a variety of vocational training, recreational, and community engagement activities. After they have become familiar with the setting and the staff, the Canopy team, in conjunction with the participant and their family, work together to develop an individualized program that best meets the goals, interests, and skill set of the participant.

{slider Q: How is the cost of Canopy covered?}

A:    Currently Canopy is a private pay organization. Please see our fee schedule for the most up to date information. We understand that the cost of adult programming is a concern that weighs heavily on each family. Our development team, as well as our program staff, work year round to expand our community connections and increase our donation base in order to better serve our families.

{slider Q: How do I start the application process?}

A:    Email or call the Program Coordinator listed below. Electronic versions of our registration and intake forms are available on our website at www.mygiantsteps.org/canopy


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